Download Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing 2nd Edition [PDF]

Download Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing 2nd Edition PDF


    • Authors: by Simon Kingsnorth 
    • Publisher: Kogan Page; 2nd edition (April 28, 2019)
    • Format: PDF  
    • File Size: 19.64 MB
    • Paperback: 384 pages
    • Language: English 
    • ISBN-10: 0749484225
    • ISBN-13: 978-0749484224
    • The price: 14.99$
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Simon Kingsnorth is an award-winning digital consultant, strategic marketing expert, influencer and futurist who has worked for and consulted to many leading businesses across the world. He has delivered highly effective strategies in digital, marketing and related fields and helped both global corporations and start-ups to scale and succeed. He is a regular speaker at business and marketing events and trains companies on a range of marketing, digital, leadership and business disciplines. He is also known for delivering many accurate predictions of future trends in technology and consumer behaviour. If you would like to get in contact with Simon you can connect with him on any of the below social channels or through Kogan Page.

What’s the story of this book?

As mentioned above, this book will talk through each of the key steps to 
creating your strategy.
In Chapter 1 we look at the background of digital marketing, wider marketing and business models to ensure that the strategy you develop is based 
on proven techniques and models. This gives some academic perspective that 
is very useful in ensuring that your methods are robust.
From here, we explore the digital ecosystem to understand today’s landscape and give some perspective to the early formation of the strategy. Then 
we move on to look at how your strategy must align with your business if it 
is to perform effectively. Working in silos is a challenge that many large businesses face but whether your business is large or small it will need to be 
aligned. A business that pulls in different directions runs the risk of pulling 
itself apart.
In Chapter 4 we will look at the digital consumer. Let’s be clear here: almost all consumers are digital consumers today and so we need to understand consumer behaviour broadly alongside the idiosyncrasies of these 
consumers in the digital space. 
Chapter 5 looks at some of the challenges that face digital marketers 
today. There are many challenges that can completely change the shape of your strategy and so understanding these early on is vital. Data, privacy and 
regulation are increasingly key considerations and we will look at those 
alongside others.
To finish the early shaping phase of your strategy we will look at transformation, an area that is vital to taking your business to the next step on 
the digital journey. This includes transformation from a technology perspective but also, more importantly, from a cultural perspective.
Once we have the background from these first six chapters, we will look 
at effective planning processes and how to ensure your plan is solid and 
logical before we get into the detail of each channel.
In chapters 8 to 12 we will look at some of the key channels. This book 
is not designed to be a ‘How To’ guide to digital marketing and so we don’t 
go into every channel and the detail of technical set-up (you can find a great 
deal of what you need online) but we do focus on strategic and tactical approaches to each and what that means to your digital strategy. For the second edition I have included a chapter on marketing automation, messaging 
and e-mail marketing.
Following this, we will look at content strategy and personalization. 
These two areas are vital to understand in today’s digital landscape as getting them right can make a significant difference to the performance of every 
channel as well as to your customer satisfaction, lifetime value and retention.
From here we look at effective user experience and website design as this 
is the ultimate destination of most users.
We will then look at retention techniques in areas such as CRM, customer service and loyalty, and how these apply to your digital strategy.
Measurement has never been more important and the wealth of data 
enables us to gain deep insights into performance; we will examine that in 
Chapter 19.
Finally, we will bring it all together and shape your plans into the final 
strategy. By this point you should know what you want to achieve, the best 
channels to achieve it and how to get there so this exercise is cementing that 
into a robust and clear strategy that you can effectively communicate and 
manage for the coming years.

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