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Download The Supergirls in PDF FORMAT

Download The Supergirls in PDF FORMAT


Details of the book:

Authors: Mike Madrid Pamela Peterson Drake
Format: PDF 
Paperback : 257 pages
Publisher: Last Word Audio
Language: English
ISBN-13:  9781935259008
ISBN-10: 2009924467
DOWNLOAD The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines [PDF]


Comic book superheroines bend steel, travel across time and space, and wield the awesome forces of nature. These mighty females do everything that male superheroes do. But they have to work their wonders in skirts and high heels. The Supergirls, a cultural history of comic book heroines, asks whether their world of fantasy is that different from our own. Are the stories of Wonder Woman’s search for an identity, Batwoman and Power Girl’s battle for equality, and Manhunter’s juggling of a crime fighting career and motherhood also an alternative saga of modern American women?

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