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Voice Therapy: Clinical Case Studies, 5th Edition [PDF]

Download Voice Therapy: Clinical Case Studies, 5th Edition [PDF]


Description: Voice Therapy: Clinical Case Studies, 5th Edition [PDF]

Voice Therapy: Clinical Case Studies, Fifth Edition provides both the student and the working clinician with a broad sampling of management strategies as presented through clinical case studies by master voice clinicians, laryngologists, and other voice care professionals. Through concise patient histories, pre- and post-treatment evaluations, and tailored therapeutic approaches, this classic text addresses assessment, management, as well as treatment and therapy approaches for a range of voice disorders; muscle tension dysphonia, glottal incompetence and neurogenic disorders, and professional voice care.

New to the Fifth Edition:

  • An expanded discussion of the principles of successful voice therapy including issues of self-efficacy and patient responsibilities for their own care. (Chapter 1)
  • An introduction to the concept of 'Meta-Therapy;' those clinical and personal characteristics that go beyond the therapy technique to make patients more flexible and competent users of their own vocal instruments. (Chapter 1)
  • Cases describing new evidence-based therapies such as 'Conversation Training Therapy' and 'Lax Vox' therapy. (Chapters 3 and 4)
  • New cases describing treatments for chronic cough, superior nerve paralysis, and vocal tremor in a singer. (Chapters 5 and 6)
  • A NEW chapter on a non-traditional therapy delivery model, telepractice and therapeutic challenges not previously discussed, treatments for enhancing the transgender voice, pervasive vocal fry, and muscle tension dysphagia. (Chapter 8)

The fifth edition of this text has been extensively revised and updated and includes 54 case studies and 7 case vignettes sampling a wide variety of voice disorders with various pathologies, etiologies, and therapy techniques. Through a systematic case study format, 64 voice experts and master clinicians have provided detailed descriptions of voice assessment and management approaches and techniques. It is the ideal text for both students learning the basics of evaluation and treatment of voice disorders and practicing clinicians providing voice care.


    Authors: by Joseph C. Stemple Edie Hapner
    Publisher: Plural Publishing, Inc.; 5th edition (March 1, 2019)
    Format: PDF 
    Paperback: 450 pages
    Language: English 
    ISBN-10: 1635500354
    ISBN-13: 978-1635500356
    Download Voice Therapy: Clinical Case Studies, 5th Edition [PDF]  free



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