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Download Principles of Marketing 8th Edition [PDF]

Download Principles of Marketing 8th Edition [PDF]


Authors: by Phil T. Kotler Gary Armstrong  Lloyd C. Harris Prof Hongwei He
Publisher: Pearson Education; 8th edition (November 7, 2019)
Format: PDF  
Paperback: 704 pages
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 1292269561
ISBN-13: 978-1292269566
Download Principles of Marketing 8th Edition [PDF]  free

What’s new in this edition?

We’ve thoroughly revised this new European edition of Principles of Marketing to reflect the major trends and forces that affect marketing in this digital age of customer value, engagement and relationships. Here are just some of the major and continuing changes you’ll find in this edition.

The new edition adds fresh coverage in both traditional marketing areas and on fast-changing and trending topics such as customer engagement marketing, mobile and social media, big data and the new marketing analytics, the Internet of Things, omni-channel marketing and retailing, customer co-creation and empowerment, real-time customer listening and marketing, building brand community, marketing content creation and native advertising, B-to-B social media and social selling, monetising social media, tiered and dynamic pricing, consumer privacy, sustainability, global marketing and much more.

• This new edition continues to build on its customer engagement framework – creating direct and continuous customer involvement in shaping brands, brand conversations, brand experiences and brand community. New coverage and fresh examples throughout the text address the latest customer engagement tools, practices and developments. See especially Chapter 1 (refreshed sections on Customer engagement and today’s digital and social media and Consumer-generated marketing); Chapter 4 (big data and real-time research to gain deeper customer insights); Chapter 5 (creating social influence and customer community through digital and social media marketing); Chapter 9 (customer co-creation and customer-driven new-product development); Chapter 13 (omni-channel retailing); Chapters 14 and 15 (marketing content curation and native advertising); Chapter 16(sales force social selling); and Chapter 17 (direct digital, online, social media and mobile marketing).

• No area of marketing is changing faster than online, mobile, social media and other digital marketing technologies. Keeping up with digital concepts, technologies and practices has become a top priority and major challenge for today’s marketers. The Eighth European Edition of Principles of Marketing provides thoroughly refreshed, up-to-date coverage of these explosive developments in every chapter – from online, mobile and social media engagement technologies discussed in Chapters 1, 5, 14, 15 and 17 to ‘real-time listening’ and ‘big data’ research tools in Chapter 4, real-time dynamic pricing in Chapter 11, omni-channel retailing in Chapter 13, and social selling in Chapter 16. In Chapter 1 a section on The digital age: online, mobile and social media marketing introduces the exciting new developments in digital and social media marketing. Then in Chapter 17 a section on Direct, online, social media and mobile marketing digs more deeply into digital marketing tools such as online sites, social media, mobile ads and apps, online video, email, blogs and other digital platforms that engage consumers anywhere, anytime via their computers, smartphones, tablets, internet-ready TVs and other digital devices.

• The new edition continues to track fast-changing developments in marketing communications and the creation of marketing content. Marketers are no longer simply creating integrated marketing communications programmes; they are joining with customers and media to curate customer-driven marketing content in paid, owned, earned and shared media. You won’t find fresher coverage of these important topics in any other marketing text.

• The Eighth European Edition of Principles of Marketing continues to improve on its innovative learning design. The text’s active and integrative presentation includes learning enhancements such as annotated chapter-opening stories, a chapter-opening learning outcomes outline, and explanatory author comments on major chapter sections and figures. The chapter-opening layout helps to preview and position the chapter and its key concepts. Figures annotated with author comments help students to simplify and organise chapter material. New and substantially revised end-of-chapter features help to summarise important chapter concepts and highlight important themes, such as marketing ethics, financial marketing analysis, and online, mobile and social media marketing. This innovative learning design facilitates student understanding and eases learning.

• The new edition provides many new end-of-chapter company cases by which students can apply what they learn to actual company situations. It also features new video cases, with brief end-of-chapter summaries and discussion questions. The videos themselves can beviewed at www.pearsoned.co.uk/kotler. Finally, all of the chapter-opening stories and end-of-chapter features in this edition are either new or revised.

• New material throughout the new edition highlights the increasing importance of sustainable marketing. The discussion begins in Chapter 1 and ends in Chapter 20, which pulls marketing together under a sustainable marketing framework. In between, frequent discussions and examples show how sustainable marketing calls for socially and environmentally responsible actions that meet both the immediate and the future needs of customers, companies and society as a whole.

• The new edition provides new discussions and examples of the growth in global marketing. As the world becomes a smaller, more competitive place, marketers face new global marketing challenges and opportunities, especially in fast-growing emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil, Africa and others. You’ll find much new coverage of global marketing throughout the text, starting in Chapter 1 and discussed fully in Chapter 19.

About the authors

  • Philip Kotler: is S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He received his master’s degree at the University of Chicago and his PhD at M.I.T., both in economics. Dr Kotler is the author of Marketing Management (Pearson), now in its seventeenth edition and the most widely used marketing textbook in graduate schools of business worldwide. He has authored more than 50 other successful books and has published more than 150 articles in leading journals. He is the only three-time winner of the coveted Alpha Kappa Psi award for the best annual article in the Journal of Marketing.
  • Gary Armstrong: is Crist W. Blackwell Distinguished Pro - fessor Emeritus of Undergraduate Education in the KenanFlagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in business from Wayne State University in Detroit, and he received his PhD in marketing from Northwestern University. Dr Armstrong has contributed numerous articles to leading business journals. As a consultant and researcher, he has worked with many companies on marketing research, sales management and marketing strategy.
  • Lloyd C. Harris: is the Head of the Marketing Department and Professor of Marketing at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham. After working in retail and service organisations, he received his PhD in Marketing from Cardi´ University and his Higher Doctorate (DSc) from the University of Warwick. His research results have been disseminated via a range of marketing strategy, HRM and general management journals. He has written widely in these fields and has published over 100 pieces. He is particularly proud of papers that have been published in the Journal of Retailing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Management Studies, Human Resource Management, Organization Studies and the Annals of Tourism Research. He has consulted and run programmes for many leading private and public organisations, especially focusing on retailing and service organisations.
  • Hongwei He: is Professor of Marketing at Alliance Man chester Business School, The University of Manchester, and an Associate Editor for Journal of Business Research. He has also served as an Associate Editor for Group & Organization Management in the past. Professor He’s main research areas are business ethics and corporate social responsibility, branding, consumer psychology, organisational behaviour and leadership. Professor He has co-edited several special issues and has published widely in leading academic journals. Professor He has supervised numerous projects for multinational corporations and non-profit and governmental organisations, such as the Behavioural Insights Team of the Cabinet  Office and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (UK Government).


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