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Challenging Cases in Pediatric Ophthalmology First Edition [PDF]

Download Challenging Cases in Pediatric Ophthalmology First Edition [PDF]


Authors: by Dr. David B. Granet MD FAAP FACS FAAO Dr. Shira L. Robbins MD FAAP FAAO
Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics; First edition (October 20, 2012)
Format: PDF  
Paperback: 632 pages
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 1581103050
ISBN-13: 978-1581103052
Challenging Cases in Pediatric Ophthalmology First Edition [PDF]

Description: Challenging Cases in Pediatric Ophthalmology First Edition

Challenging Cases in Pediatric Ophthalmology is an information-rich new resource with 88 real-life case studies spanning all the ocular issues likely to be encountered in everyday practice.  Developed by a distinguished editorial team with contributions from more than 80 top pediatric ophthalmologists help you sharpen your eye-care skills from initial evaluation to final outcome. Clear, easy-reading case reports guide you step-by-step through:

- Patient presentation
- Diagnosis
- Differential diagnosis
- When to refer
- Treatment
- Detailed discussion including management recommendations

With its case-based problem/solution format -
 plus more than 250 images - this is both a valuable clinical tool and a superb learning and training aid.

Ready access to 88 illuminating case reports:

Accessible to symptom or by condition, cases are arranged under 12 main headings for quick look-up and review:

- Red Eye
- Teary Eye
- Eyelid and Orbit
- Abnormal Red Reflex
- Abnormalities of the Anterior Segment
- Abnormalities of the Retina and Optic Nerve
- Trauma
- Abnormal Eye Movements/Position
- Decreased Vision
- Systemic Disease
- Problems in School/Reading
- Incidental Findings


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👉Download Challenging Cases in Pediatric Diagnosis: Cases From Pediatrics in Review Index of Suspicion and Visual Diagnosis 2nd ed. Edition [PDF]

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